Building Spot Check, a data visualization system for all your surf needs with Brian Team

When he’s not working on internal projects, informal member Brian Team can be found chasing down the surf in northern California. At a recent project chat, Brian showed us what he has been working on to make his surf life a little bit easier.

Sick of needing his phone to check the forecast, Brian got the inspiration for Spot Check–a data visualization system that displays all of his surf needs. It allows users to see weather and forecast data. And, no need for a phone or a computer–Spot Check is a standalone system.

Initially, Spot Check had a stock-ticker aesthetic consisting of six LED strips that displayed information. Although functional, it was pretty bulky and not easily portable. Plus, the user had to stand a good six feet away in order to read it. While COVID friendly, it wasn’t very user friendly.

Using this prototype as a springboard, Brian began making adjustments to give Spot Check a sleeker and more compact design. He switched to an e-ink display, added battery back-up power, and installed USB support power.

So, what’s next for Spot Check? Brian plans to decide on a final layout for the info screen, as well as update the LED strip text components.

We’re excited to see where Brian will take this project next!

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