Informal’s 2023 Gift Guide

Shift holiday shopping into high gear with our curated shortlist of stellar products from companies that have worked with our informal freelance collective. The people and companies we work with, which are featured here, all have one thing in common: they’ve dedicated themselves to bringing truly unique, innovative and premium quality products to market that you won’t find anywhere else, which is what makes this list a must-read!  

Our recommendations cover a variety of categories, including home & outdoor, health & wellness, apparel & lifestyle, and pets. So what are you waiting for? Get your shop on before it’s too late!

Activating Origami Kit from Teknikio

Teknikio is serving up some insanely fun STEAM gifts for creative kids (8+) and kids at heart. Check out their Activating Origami Kit that brings paper sculptures to life in dynamic new ways. Or for a more DIY experience, the Sparking Senses Kit unlocks the ability to build a Nightlight House, Magic Gems, Pop-up card or Beep the robot. And for the crafty kid, they also make a Shivers the Penguin E-Textiles Sewing Kit that is worth a peep!



Never miss the perfect rise! A brilliant gift for the modern baking enthusiast, Breadwinner knows when your sourdough starter is ready to use by learning how it grows and alerting you when it’s at peak activity. Home baking is an adventure, but you don’t have to go without a guide. The Breadwinner device lets you go deeper with data so you can stop guessing when your starter is ready.

The Lodge Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2
Lodge Solar Speaker

Calling all music lovers! Add a little ambiance to your backyard landscape with the sustainable Lodge solar speaker. This self-charging, weatherproof, premium wireless speaker is designed by audiophiles to deliver top quality, immersive sound. The durable solar-paneled speaker’s battery can provide up to 20–30 hours of playtime when it’s not being charged by the sun. And the powerful 50-watt amplifier delivers full-range, quality sound with amazing bass, clarity, and spaciousness. 


JourneyBox is a total meditation and wellness companion designed to create a tranquil escape from daily stress. Ideal for anyone prioritizing self-care and wellbeing, the elegant design of the JourneyBox speaker fits in the palm of your hand and offers over three hours of soothing sound journeys to transform any space into a serene sanctuary.

SharkBite Hydration Bottle with Hydration Drink Formula
SharkBite Hydration

A go-to gift for those who love to crush a workout while staying hydrated. The bottle was crafted with both functionality and flavor in mind, combining the convenience of a water bottle with the goodness of flavorful electrolytes. Its sleek, ergonomic design is made from durable, Tritan  BPA-free plastic, ensuring a safe and long-lasting hydration companion for all your adventures. Pair it with any of their five unique tasty flavors of hydration and energy hydration drinks, including Berry Rush, Fruit Punch, Orange, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Lemonade. Phone Mount

Casual city bike commuters will feel safer knowing their rides are recorded with the phone mount for bicycle handlebars. Its diagonal design keeps the phone camera clear, and its stainless steel, PC & ABS can withstand high wear & tear in all terrains, keeping your phone in place with its unique locking system. What’s even better is that it works with a free Android and iOS mobile app which enables you to record video, listen to music, and report hazards to your local government’s non-emergency line. 

Chrysmela Earring Backs
Chrysmela Earring Backs

For anyone who values style and likes to accessorize, this is a must-have gift that you probably never knew you needed — until now! Female-founded Chrysmela makes the most secure earring back — the perfect accessory that combines elegance, comfort, and unbeatable security for under $60. Their products are made in Japan with the same precision technology used for smartphones and fine watches. Each back has its own serial number and is hypoallergenic with a surgical stainless steel mechanism. Their platinum and gold coatings have 99.9% purity.  

QOR360 ButtOn Chair for Kids
QOR360 ButtOn Chair for Kids

This Vermont-based company was founded in 2016 by Dr. Turner Osler, a former trauma surgeon, to change the way the world sits. While there are several models of active chairs available on their website, we’re highlighting their first active chair for kids! Kids instinctively move and fidget, so why not let them? This design improves children’s posture, burns calories, improves focus, and is just more fun than a boring regular chair!


Brute Loop

Brute Loop

Dog parents of small to medium sized pups will appreciate the minimalist aesthetic and streamlined solution offered by the Brute Loop. Engineered for simplicity, the Brute Loop is a minimalist walking harness that combines the functionality of a leash and a harness in a durable and refined single product. The diamond braided cable feeds through precision machined aluminum linkages, with the ends of the cable fused together to create one continuous loop, and then is fixed in place with marine grade rubber binding. The product is available in five color offerings, Trace (reflective), Black, Olive, Beige, and Coral.

RemieDog Metro

This eco-friendly, clever, and no doubt useful dog 💩 bag holder is sure to be appreciated by pet parents of all ages, especially the city-dwelling kind. The RemieDog Metro has an exterior gauge that indicates when you’re running low on bags, so that you’re never caught empty handed. Versatile loops on the top let you strap the holder however you please, from loose and low to high and tight. The accessory hooks allow you to hook up used bags, pack extra empties, or attach whatever else you’d like. Includes one roll of 100% compostable pre-loaded bags.Compatible with almost all dog bags.




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