Launching the Lodge Solar Powered Speakers on Kickstarter

This week during our internal project chat, we heard from the informal team behind the Lodge Solar Speaker Kickstarter. Lodge has been a client of informal for almost 2 years, and our team has worked on all facets of the product design and development process, branding and marketing, and now their Kickstarter campaign

The kickstarter has already massively overshot its goal, raising over $214,670 since it began a few weeks ago. There is just over a week left to go on the campaign, and the entry level for a single speaker starts at $ 210 USD.

Lodge is a wireless speaker system designed to bring high quality audio to your outdoor space without the cost and hassle of installing wired speakers. Unlike portable party speakers, you never need to bring Lodge speakers inside to charge; they live outside all year round. Lodge is powered by the sun and uses over 180 square inches of high-performing, shatterproof solar panels to ensure your bluetooth connected sound system is always charged and ready to go. Our team designed every speaker to last in a multitude of outdoor conditions, from the hot summers of the Arizona desert to the icy winters in Vermont. We used UV safe plastics for the housing, industrial strength solar panels for charging, and the speaker is IP66 rated to prevent damage from water, dust, and debris.

The campaign features work from our freelancer team such as industrial design by Tristan Cannan, graphic designer by Aditi Vyas, branding by Elizabeth Goodspeed, supply chain management by Jiting Yang, electrical engineering and firmware development by Michael Brust, Dale Goodman and Craig Verrill. We’re excited to share this project with you, check out our Kickstarter campaign!

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