Using OnShape CAD software for product design

When it comes to creating hardware, engineers have a plethora of tools and software available to them. informal co-founders Sam Holland and Nate Padgett recently chatted with Onshape about how they’re utilizing their CAD software to design complex hardware and enable collaboration between clients and engineers. 


informal was initially approached by Lodge’s audio enthusiast founder, whose vision was to make a high-quality outdoor speaker system. The catch was that it needed to be completely wireless, easy to use, deliver impeccable audio quality, and never need to be plugged in to charge. The informal team went to work and used Onshape to help build the concept, brand, and prototypes for Lodge. 

You can find Lodge on Indiegogo!


Neurosity came to informal with their product the Crown, a brain computer that helps engineers stay focused while working.  Neurosity’s problem was that assembling the Crown was time consuming and laborious to assemble, which made scaling manufacturing difficult. Using Onshape, informal and the Neurosity team created a new version of the Crown that allowed the wearable to be adjustable without losing functionality. This new design was able to be replicated at scale, without costing a big chunk of change. 

Last year, Neurosity co-founder AJ Keller did an informal talk highlighting the Crown. Read about it here

For both Lodge and Neurosity, it was imperative that no time was lost sharing files and that each client was able to see their product in an easy and digestible format. Due to its ease of use, Onshape allowed informal to work collaboratively with the two clients without losing time, and without the need for clunky file sharing. 

Thanks, Onshape, for taking the time to feature informal and a few of our clients — we’re super proud of what we’ve done with Lodge and Neurosity

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